Services Technominex Inc. is proud to be the only Mattracks authorized dealer in Quebec and Northern Ontario. Mattracks products are well known for their robustness and longevity which make them virtually indestructible.


You are looking for solutions for crews are supplies transportation and logistics in hard access terrain while keeping cost down. Mattracks is what you are looking for. Those tracks unable you to use conventional road vehicles in very rough terrain such as deep snow or heavy mud.


Main benefit is; when you’re done just switch back to wheels and go back to road usage. It will not take you longer then a regular tires change.


No need to have specialized vehicles standing still in your parking lot between contracts or in-between season anymore. A simple pick-up truck equipped with a Mattracks set and you just transformed it into a fearless all-terrain four season vehicle able to come across many obstacles not event accessible to specialized vehicle used in similar situation, while reducing dramatically operations cost and maintenance. Mattracks supply a wide variety of tracks able to equip light SUV’s to heavy duty truck such as F550.


EZ HDYour employees complain about how cold it is when using snowmobile? No more trouble, use your heated, comfortable pickup truck equips with Mattracks and everybody is happy. Your specialized vehicle is slow and burn up fuel like there was no tomorrow? Mattracks is designed to speed up to 70 km/h on any surface including gravel or paved road and all of that while using about the same quantity of fuel as on wheels. For more information go to Mattracks web site or call your Services Technominex Inc. representative.


On top of products met for industrial use, we are also offering the complete range of recreational products such as EZ HD track enable to equip vehicle with GVW below 2495 kg (5500 lbs) for just about 13 500$.


This represents an affordable solution to take advantage of traction and reputation of Mattracks system without paying price of industrial grade from 65-175 series (20 000$ to 50 000$ depending on option chosen).